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Consult Information

custom sword work, custom swords, sword sharpening, tsuka, handle, sword repairsSince each sword and knife is unique, we offer consultations to make sure that each customization is exactly as you imagined. The price and time to complete each project will vary for every sword.

For inquires and consultations, please contact Bill Henderson at:
custom sword, japanese sword, sword customization   (916)765-6683
custom sword, japanese sword, sword customization   senkakustudies@comcast.net.


Sharpening Services

  • Sharpen Sword Edge (maintenance sharpen to preserve edge) - $50
  • Fix Edge Chip - $20+

Tsuka Ito Services

  • The wrap of the tsuka, traditionally silk but today most often in other materials.
  • Doe Ito - $7/ft.
  • Silk Ito - $4/ft.
  • Cotton Ito - $3/ft.
  • Suede Ito - $3/ft.

Tsuka Services

  • The tsuka is the hilt or handle of a Japanese sword (does not include fittings)
  • Rewrap Handle - $200+
  • Make/Wrap New Handle - $400+
  • Shorten Handle - $60+

Repair Cracked Saya

  • Japanese term for a scabbard, and specifically refers to the scabbard for a sword or knife.
  • Wrap with Rayskin - $150/$300
  • Wrap with Rattan $100/$200
  • Make New Saya $500 min

Repair Koiguchi

  • The mouth of the saya or its fitting.
  • Make New Koiguchi $100
Prices will vary for projects with unique conditions and we'll give you an estimate.
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Additional Information

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